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Consultant Network

Expertise is paramount. We have hand-picked 100+ consultants from successful international businesses to bring you relevant expertise for your engagement. All our services are delivered by respected real-world practitioners with C-level or significant senior-level experience in their field.


More than one opinion

The specialist consultant within your team will also be able to reach out to other consultants in our network for deeper insight. For example, specific applications or international settings.

International Scale

Our global consultant network means we also have the resources to scale up internationally dependent on your requirements.


Our team is made up of real-world practitioners with relevant experience. Those who understand how things work in practice, not just within the realms of a management diagram. This is a core commitment. One that sets us apart.


The consultant who visited Huws Gray was extremely practical, he got there, got the questions underway and gathered information quickly."

Inflexion’s Digital Director

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