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Brainlabs seeks Private Equity investment

The Company


Founded in 2012, Brainlabs is a digital marketing agency based out of London and Austin, Texas. They offer flexible partnership models, from full management of paid search, programmatic, and paid social, to consultancy support for in-house teams with their proprietary tech stack.




Brainlabs approached us in late 2018 to undertake Vendor Due Diligence. Jim Brigden, Managing Director at Brainlabs explains; “As an agency/tech business, Brainlabs has seven years of dramatic growth, a brilliant 200 people strong team, a great set of clients and an interesting technology angle. We're disrupting the market quite hard, and we’ve had a lot of people approaching us trying to work out what our corporate ambitions were. I joined the business to help Dan Gilbert, the CEO, review what his strategic options were, to get some advisors on board and take us through a process for investment.”


How we helped


“We'd heard good things about you from the market generally,” continues Jim, “and our corporate advisor recommended you specifically because you were very well known in the private equity space, and we thought we may end up with some private equity investment.”

“As part of the due diligence process you looked at the technology we’d built and how we ran our technology operations. You gave us the ability to take our offering confidently to the private equity space and helped the potential investors in the private equity community learn about our business quickly.”

“We were very pleased with the project. I thought that the work you did was turned around very quickly and really got to the heart of what Brainlabs is about. When the team walked us through their initial findings, and we challenged them on some of those findings there was a good two-way dialogue. It felt like it was a good process. I was very impressed with the team, especially how quickly they engaged with us and got to know us.”


Results and Future Plans


Livingbridge invested in Brainlabs early in 2019 and Jim is now looking to Brainlabs next stage, “Brainlabs has always had rocket fuel growth. The business has grown every year quite substantially. Now Livingbridge are working with us on an accelerated growth plan so I'm confident in the future Brainlabs will continue this fast-paced growth.”
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